What We Believe

As our name implies, we are the Church of Christ. We claim no other name than Jesus Christ and follow no doctrine but the Bible, which we believe to be God-inspired and without error.

We answer to no authority but Christ and those leaders He has chosen to oversee His work in our local church.We actively support Gods work through Missions and give regularly to missionaries in many parts of the world as well as in our own state and town.We believe that Jesus is God's son and gave His life as a sacrifice for our sin.

He was laid in a borrowed tomb and rose from the dead so we might have salvation through Him. He ascended to Heaven to take His rightful place as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

We believe that those who believe in Him and accept His sacrifice for their sin will share eternal life with Jesus because He will one day come and take us to our heavenly home to be with Him forever and ever. We celebrate this new life in Christ by being baptized by immersion into His name, which is a symbol of burying the "old man" and being born anew.

The Church is simply the fellowship of believers who get together on a regular basis to encourage one another and await Jesus' return.We fellowship in several ways as we sing praises to God, remember His sacrifice, pray for the sick and those who need encouragement, give as God has blessed us to support His work in other places, and study His word so we might live lives that are more pleasing to Him.

Written by Dennis Platt, Minister, Cedar Falls Church of Christ